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Recharging Points


_ Recharge Points

We facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, offering efficient and convenient solutions for your mobility with our installation of charging points.

montaje de electrolineras o gasolineras electricas

_ Electric station and Canopies

Integrate solar-powered carports and canopies with solar panels in your home or business. Experience the advantages of electric vehicles, promoting sustainable mobility.


_ Integration of Renewable Energies

We contribute to a cleaner and more efficient future by offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

_ Why choose us?

Personalised treatment

We design customised solutions that integrate perfectly with your space and lifestyle, giving you the convenience of loading your vehicle.

Efficient installation

Our team will install your charging point quickly, allowing you to enjoy efficient charging for your electric vehicle in no time.

Only top brands

At Solarea Tech we work with the best materials and the latest technology on the market to offer the best results to our customers.

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Efficiency, quality and speed in each installation. Discover the solar energy of excellence.